Our Mission

Welcoming Growth To Ripple Out Kindness Love and Gratitude

Marc and Tricia are deeply devoted to the mission of Ripple Ranch, which is to ripple out kindness, love and gratitude to the world through people, animals and food. They are passionate about becoming better people and building a community of like minded folks at Ripple Ranch. Marc and Tricia are long term homesteaders who have spent most of their lives learning the craft of animal husbandry and working with the land.

Tricia’s expertise is in horses, with over 40 years of horse training and teaching riders to be better at deepening their connection with these complex, loving animals. Marc’s expertise is in goats. He’s known globally as the “Goat Guy” and teaches people around the world how to work with goats for milk, companionship, and packing. Marc has been featured in documentaries produced by the BBC, Filson and Fieldcraft Survival to name a few. 

Marc and Tricia are passionate outdoors people spending months a year, deep in the backcountry of Idaho with their pack goats and fly fishing when there’s time. They look forward to hosting you on their labor of love and legacy… Ripple Ranch.